Pitch and Pair Program – October 2, 2019

Date: October 2, 2019
Location: PwC Offices, Vancouver BC

The Big Push has created a differentiated formula that brings together 10 promising women-led companies with more than 200 highly vetted senior experts from within The Big Push community for one evening of ‘match making’. Each event is designed to help accelerate the growth of presenting companies by embedding a team of 4-6 experts over a 9-month acceleration period. The experts commit to a minimum of 15 hours of service each month, providing “hands-on” work in their respective areas of expertise (e.g., sales, marketing, public relations, recruitment, finance etc.). The value of services provided through the acceleration period ranges from $150,000 to $200,000. View past event here.

Application Profile:

Technology enabled or driven
Team >4
MVP or better
Customers >3
Revenue >$10K MRR
Industry: Agnostic

Acceleration Model:

Senior experts work in a team dynamic to build a strategic and tactical scope of work designed to reach specific milestones that will prepare startups for investment ready stage.

Length of program: 9 months

Video: View the process

Team: 4-6 senior executives with expertise spanning the areas of:
Marketing, BusDev, HR, Finance, PR and IT

Project Mgr: 1 dedicated project manager/team to oversee the entire acceleration

Value of services: $150,000 – $200,000

Approx hours: 600+ hours of dedicated expert support

Payment: Value of services in exchange for same in options

Follow-on Funding: $500K -$2M of funding from our Funding Partner, Disruption Ventures, has been
allocated to qualified startups from our program that have achieved
necessary milestones for investment.

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Deadline: September 2, 2019